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Creating Ruin

Made of field recordings from the abandoned Letchworth asylum, Audio UX serves up a brutal second EP entitled Ruin. Warping, wrenching and winding their way in and out of ears, this wraithlike trio of tracks whisper a surreal song.

Enter AUX

Sonic Branding is Dead

Our Creative Director Dexter Garcia penned a critical opinion on the evolving landscape of sonic branding. We look at who's doing it right, who's doing it wrong, and who's looking ahead to audio user experience.

Safe. Sound.

Audio QR

A deeper look into how sound plays a role in personal data. Audio UX will be there to brand the future of Audio QR.

Creating Memory Phase

A behind the scenes look at the creation of the Memory Phase EP. How Audio UX is disrupting what an audio branding agency can be with an EP of original music built for summer.

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