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From UX to VX 

From UX to VX

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04 Aug 2018
Voice Experience
04 Aug 2018 • Voice Experience
From UX to VX: Audio Branding in a Voice-First Future

Audio VX

In a screenless environment, it's important to re-evaluate what we think we know about user experience. When it comes to voice experience, audio is no longer playing a supporting role. Audio is the interface.With the rise of Siri and Alexa, the role of the voice in interactive smart technology is at the forefront. Experts in the industry refer to this sea-change as a shift from User Experience (UX) to Voice Experience (VX). A study from NPR and Edison Research shows just how dramatic this shift really is. The study shows that 52% of smart speakers reside in living rooms, dens, and family rooms. Of smart speaker users in these spaces, 30% say that time spent with their smart speaker is replacing television time. It’s crucial for brands to adapt to this shift towards sonic entertainment and engagement by developing a distinct and focused sonic brand voice. Direct brand auditory communication in the digital space is a vital area for growth and differentiation. It’s not enough to just have a unique logo, color schema, and visual identity anymore. Sonic branding assets and strategized VX development are key to The Future of Audio Branding™.

Voice is the liaison between your audience and your brand. It’s an opportunity to create deeper connections and strengthen the bonds between consumers and their favorite products.

Eric Seay — CXO, Audio UX®
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