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FORME Audio Branding 

FORME Audio Branding

UX Sound Design
Audio UX® worked with FORME to design an audio user experience for their smart home workout mirror.

The Story

Yves Béhar designed FORME with both mental and physical well-being in mind. This innovative workout mirror transports you to state-of-the-art weight training sessions, yoga studios, and guided meditation—from the comfort of your home. Audio branding augments the on-screen experience and plays an even more significant role. UX sounds provide an accessible way for users to navigate their fitness journey, especially if you finish your final reps facing away from the mirror or close your eyes during a guided meditation.The Future of Audio Branding™ for the future of home fitness.Case Study Forme Life Product Image

The Sound of Strength

The Sound of Strength is about more than just lifting weights. We sampled sounds from the entire fitness journey to create encouraging earcons from start to finish.
Start Workout
General Connection
Audio UX® developed sonic branding for FORME Studio and Lift.
Audio UX® worked with FORME on an audio identity for their product sonification.
The Concept

Audio Branding Components

The Sound of Strength uses Karplus-Strong synthesis, sampling weights clinking, communal claps, and motivational shouts.
Calming Energy
Voice & Vitality
Helping Hands
FORME wireframe.
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