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Forbes Featured Quote 

Forbes Featured Quote

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01 Oct 2020
Sonic Branding
01 Oct 2020 • Sonic Branding
Audio UX featured a quote in Forbes.

User-Generated Audio Branding

In this week’s Forbes article, “User-Generated Audio Branding: What You Need To Know To Ride The Next Sonic Wave,” Cathy Applefeld Olson writes about a handful of startups that are helping brands embrace user-generated content by providing massive online libraries of audio assets.Audio UX® recently collaborated with Pantone on the first-ever . This unique audio branding initiative was about sonifying a color rather than a brand, and so it only made sense to get the audience involved. For the multisensory Classic Blue campaign, we crafted 145 musical micro-elements and released them onto the LANDR platform as a free sample pack. This allowed musicians using the platform to download the samples and utilize them in their own songs, tracks, and compositions. To date, there have been nearly 2 million downloads from the sample pack, which is the top-performing collection on the platform. The major benefits of this approach were manyfold. Firstly, the sample pack drove organic engagement with the PANTONE brand and the 19-4052 Classic Blue Color of the Year. Secondly, LANDR was able to increase engagement with their platform by offering a free asset to users. Modern musicians are always on the hunt for new, quality samples. Thirdly, hearing the works produced using the samples was illuminating in that it reflected our sound design work back to us, and showed us how it resonated with people. This feedback reinforces The Future of Audio Branding™ as the cycle of symbiotic engagement continues.

I think we need to stop being so precious about [audio branding assets]. The public and your users have an appetite to interact with your brand on a deeper level than you think.

Sean Thornton—Creative Director
Professional studio equipment for creating music.
"User-Generated Audio Branding: What You Need To Know To Ride The Next Sonic Wave"

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