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Forbes Featured Quote 

Forbes Featured Quote

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01 Oct 2020
Sonic Branding
01 Oct 2020 • Sonic Branding
Audio UX featured a quote in Forbes.

User-Generated Audio Branding

In this week’s Forbes article, “User-Generated Audio Branding: What You Need To Know To Ride The Next Sonic Wave,” Cathy Applefeld Olson writes about a handful of startups that are helping brands embrace user-generated content by providing massive online libraries of audio assets.Audio UX® recently collaborated with Pantone on the first-ever . This unique audio branding initiative was about sonifying a color rather than a brand, and so it only made sense to get the audience involved. Partnering with LANDR, the audio components used to construct the audio identity were released to the public as a sample pack that drove engagement for PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue.

I think we need to stop being so precious about [audio branding assets]. The public and your users have an appetite to interact with your brand on a deeper level than you think.

Sean Thornton—Creative Director
Professional studio equipment for creating music.
"User-Generated Audio Branding: What You Need To Know To Ride The Next Sonic Wave"

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