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Shareable Sonic Branding 

Shareable Sonic Branding

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10 Oct 2022
Social Media
10 Oct 2022 • Social Media
Audio UX® Shareable Sonic Branding

Sound Sharing

Social media has evolved from posting pictures to sharing sounds. By exploring early trends of visually-oriented user experiences, we can begin to predict how sound sharing will have a huge impact on the world of sonic branding. Whether it be global corporations making their audio logos and brand themes available for public use, or everyday users utilizing the platform to create their own audio identities, social platforms are where the world is engaging in sound.

The paradigm shift from photo-sharing to video-sharing yielded a new unofficial platform: sound-sharing.

Audio UX® Shareable Sonic Branding on Brandingmag.
"Tick Tock 🕐 A Timeline of Shareable Sonic Branding" is available to read on Brandingmag.

AI Voice Branding

With text-to-speech at our fingertips, voice branding is as easy as type-to-talk. Rather than hiring voiceover artists or generating lines of code for smart assistants, social media users now have unfettered access to speech synthesis. On platforms like TikTok and Instagram, captions can be autogenerated or read aloud by various voices. By studying how these voices are made and used, brands can learn how to incorporate voice branding into their audio identity.

AI voice branding is customizing what the voice sounds like just as much as it is how it speaks, meaning there is room for aligning brand attribute associations and aural aesthetics with an audio identity.

Audio UX® AI Voice Branding on Brandingmag.
"The New Sound of Opportunity: What AI Voice Branding Means for You" is available to read on Brandingmag.

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