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Social Audio Branding

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11 Oct 2021
Social Audio
11 Oct 2021 • Social Audio
Social Audio Mobile Application

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If you haven't heard, audio is going social. While music streaming services and social networking apps may have co-existed before, there hasn't been a single platform to sync them up together until now. Social audio apps like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces offer a revolutionary way not only to tune in to global conversations in real-time -- but to chime in as well.Taking a page out of the book of classic chat room format, but evolving the concept to utilize real-time audio, connects groups of people with a conversational immediacy never before seen online. Like forum-based platforms such as Reddit, social audio allows impassioned users to have nuanced discussions on focused topics and specific interests. However, unlike traditional forum platforms, social audio manages to cut the lag time out of the equation, allowing for lightning-fast communication. The increasing prominence of social audio puts the spotlight on the necessity of unique, high-quality sonic branding. If a platform’s users are interfacing through audio, it becomes crucial for brands to establish a distinctive and effective sonic identity. This can be done through the tone and personality of a brand’s spokesperson, music that conveys a particular mood or message, as well as UI sounds that are cohesive and engaging. The medium is the message, and with social audio platforms, how you are heard is the key.

With social audio, the guest list has become democratized as the audience becomes the panelists.

A podcaster speaks into a microphone in a studio.
"Social Audio Branding" is available to read on Brandingmag.

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