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The Sounds of Rivian 

The Sounds of Rivian

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17 Feb 2023
Automotive Audio Branding
17 Feb 2023 • Automotive Audio Branding

The Sounds of Rivian

What language do we use to describe the sounds of cars?Tires screech to a halt. Engines purr and roar. Locks chirp. Animal sounds are already integral to the automotive audio user experience. Considering Rivian's mission to offset plant-and-animal-based carbon emissions, developing an Audio Design Language concept was out in the open: The Nature of Sound.

By synthesizing these sound samples into entirely new instruments, we created a richly layered audio aesthetic.

Eric Seay — Co-Founder & CXO, Audio UX®

Soundscape Ecology

Soundscape ecology is a term used for the acoustic ecosystem of nature. As we developed a suite of UX sounds for Rivian, we carefully looked at how they would impact the world around us—outside and inside the vehicle.The Sounds of Rivian is based on the idea of soundscape ecology.

It’s like a natural tuning happens, where all the animals adapt both to the noises of the surrounding environment and also to each other.

Dexter Garcia — Co-Founder & CSO, Audio UX®

Coming Soon

You can hear The Sounds of Rivian today in an R1T, R1S, or by checking out the story below. Check back soon for a case study featuring the entire earcon ecosystem.
The Sounds of Rivian is the story of how Audio UX® developed audio branding for R1T and R1S inspired by nature.
The Sounds of Rivian is now available on the Rivian website.

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