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Bose Audio Branding 

Bose Audio Branding

UX Sound Design, Audio Logo, Experiential, Voice Experience, Automotive
Bose chose Audio UX® to develop an Audio Design Language that would enrich their new generation of speakers, headphones, and hearables.

The Story

Premium speakers call for premium sounds. That's why when you first unbox a new Bose product, you're welcomed with a rich sonic experience from the very beginning. Boasting bold bass and modern strings, the legacy of Dr. Amar Bose is brought to life with an alchemy of audio branding that guides you through completing the setup and navigating daily use.Bose Smart Home Speaker 500

A Signature Sound

To unify all product experiences, we composed a signature sound called "Welcome to Bose" to be heard at the first-time power-up of all Bose devices.
Welcome to Bose

UX Sounds

In consumer electronics products, the Bose Audio Design Language consists of dozens of unique earcons that enhance the user experience, complement the industrial design, and reinforce the brand identity.
Power On
Ready to Connect
Bose Noice-Cancelling Headphones 700.

Audio Branding Components

We developed a modular system of branded audio elements to provide instant recognition of Bose products, no matter the product or platform.
Rich & Bold Bass
Warm Strings
Physical Modeling
Human Touch
Soundwaves emanating from a Bose Smart Speaker 500.

Multi-functional Sounds

For the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II, the sounds are far more than just functional. The "Power On" earcon indicates more than just powering up—this version creates a harmonic distinction between the other products for a particular reason: scanning your ear. In this first-of-its-kind Audio User Experience™, the UX sound bounces around your ears and back into the buds, creating a custom noise-canceling profile. To make the experience even more holistic, the sound is also featured as an audio logo in their marketing.

Sounds. Connected.

Leveraging the Bose Audio Design Language in home theater and multi-speaker environments showcases the incredible imaging capabilities and full fidelity bass of the new surround product line.
Stereo Pairing
Rear Surrounds
Bass Box (Subwoofer Required)
Bose consumer electronic products and accessories.

Audio AR

Bose Frames take sound to the next level by augmenting audio. We added more instruments to the Bose orchestra to add a level of spatialization to the UX sound suite. Hints can be localized to the left or right, and approaching soundscapes swells in volume.
Hint Left
Hint Right
Bose Frames mobile app
Woman wearing Bose Frames
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