Case Study
The Sound of simplehuman 

The Sound of simplehuman

UX Sound Design, Voice Experience
Audio UX® collaborated with simplehuman to bring a high-quality and elegant audio identity to life through the Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi.

The Story

Audio UX® and simplehuman created a sleek and functional audio identity to support product interaction and build consistency across touchpoints. From immersive first-time setup earcons to authentic branded VO at point of purchase, the simplehuman audio design system is a uniquely recognizable imprint of quality and elevated design. Rotation of the simplehuman Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi sonic branding.

UX Sounds

simplehuman UX sound design is efficient, elegantly integrated, and aesthetically elevated. Custom textures, built from the industrial design of simplehuman products, are presented to exude the intuitive nuance and build quality of each product.

Audio Branding Components

On an atomic level, the audio user experience is derived from the same materials that come together in the product design process. Mirrored glass is bowed for a sustained texture, while brushed steel is swiped to generate metallic resonance.
Bowed Glass
Analog Warmth
Resonant Delay
Metallic Touch
simplehuman audio ux
simplehuman Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi

Sound, Voice and Vision

With the Sensor Mirror Hi-fi, simplehuman released a screenless Bluetooth speaker that needed earcons to assist users in product navigation while carefully co-existing with AlexaThrough the development of the earcons and UX of the Sensor Mirror, we established the foundation of an audio identity designed to create consistency across the simplehuman brand, and elevate the perceived quality of product experiencesThe Audio UX conceptual audio narrative called TOUCH, has since evolved into longform branded music, voice branding, and UX sounds for new product offerings.
Listen to the culmination of the anthem, UX sounds, and voice branding in this in-store experience.
In-Store Showcase
simplehuman Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi acoustic sound waves.
Sonify Your Story™