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ecobee Audio Branding 

ecobee Audio Branding

Audio Logo, UX Sound Design, Branded Music
We collaborated with ecobee to design an audio logo and suite of earcons that enhance the user experience of their voice-enabled smart home security system.

The Story

To score the evolution of ecobee's brand positioning from tech to lifestyle, we leaned into a hybrid organic-digital aesthetic that utilizes layered musical instrumentation.ecobee smart home products.

Audio Design Language

We designed a family of earcons for digital interactions across ecobee's ecosystem of smart devices. The earcons were created from the core brand values to reinforce the brand identity and to assist in navigation of the product experience.
Welcome Home
Power On
ecobee's newest line of IoT products.

Dually Functioning Audio Logo

Leveraging an Earcon as an Audio Logo is a powerful tool in establishing continuity between product and advertising. We designed the "Welcome Home" earcon to be heard by the user daily—both at home and in brand advertising campaigns.

Audio User Experience

The ecobee audio identity is governed by an audio style guide that ensures a holistic Audio User Experience. The UX sounds heard on the actual products (including Welcome Home, General Notification, and Mic Unmute) are the same sounds featured in marketing, building brand equity with authenticity. Not only that, but they harmonize with the branded music and conclude with the consistently deployed dually-functioning audio logo.

Audio Branding Components

Designing 15 interactions across six devices means a system of audio components is essential. Organic and digital elements combine to form the basis of ecobee's unique audio design language, lead by an audio analog to their key visual: the "Squircle."
The ecobee Squircle
Xylophonic Harp
Treated Thumb Piano
Wood Percussion
The ecobee "Squircle."

Data-Backed Creative

Earcons are a powerful tool for brand recall when created strategically. We worked with our partners at to ensure ecobee earcons are not only intuitive but also highly memorable. User testing helped us and the brand make considered deployment decisions.

A Multisensory Brand Experience

In their new brand e-book, the audio branding is featured as a key component of ecobee's multi-sensory identity refresh.
The ecobee Sonic Branding section of their website.
ecobee smart home.
Sonify Your Story