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The Sound of Byton 

The Sound of Byton

Automotive, UX Sound Design
Audio UX® worked with Byton to create a symphony of sound design for in-vehicle alerts.

A Symphony of Smart Sounds

The future of mobility meets The Future of Audio Branding™. Never before has the automotive experience been so interconnected and intelligent as with the Byton M-Byte. To score this symphony of digital interactions, we composed a suite of over 40 unique earcons for the driver experience.The BYTON M-BYTE in Blue.

Branded Moments

We designed everyday interactions within the Byton experience to sound branded and memorable. Every moment from first powering on the vehicle, to successfully charging the battery, should communicate the brand identity.
Welcome to Byton
Power On
Charge Complete
Push Notification
Byton M-Byte in all black.

Safe & Sound

We reimagined what traditionally generic automotive auditory warnings could sound like when infused with audio branding. The result is a set of highly unique and premium alerts that reflect the Byton brand identity and meet global regulatory requirements.
Seatbelt Reminder
Door Ajar
Lane Departure Warning
Forward Collision Warning
The all-new BYTON M-Byte in Dark Grey.
A couple seen exiting their Byton vehicle.

Sound for a Multi-Sensory Experience

The M-Byte is envisioned to bring peace of mind to your daily commute. We developed the sound of the user experience to complement Byton's understated industrial and digital design. The "Understatement" soundscape was composed to paint the auditory picture of what it would sound—and feel—like to be in a Byton. "Understatement" is composed of human breath, organic textures, and strings, and soft synthetic instruments.
Understatement Soundscape

Audio Branding Components

Component-level audio design enables the sound of Byton to scale as new vehicles are developed over time. These core audio components make up the DNA that is the sound of Byton.
Muted Color
Soft Simplicity
Moving Breath
Reversed Energy
Byton Shared-Experience-Display.
Sonify Your Story