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USA Today Audio Branding 

USA Today Audio Branding

Audio Logo, Voice Experience, Experiential, Branded Music
We developed an award-winning holistic audio identity designed to scale with USA Today’s modern evolution.

The Story

Amidst a digital transformation, USA Today engaged Audio UX® to create an instantly recognizable sound that would reinforce the brand identity and connect future experiences.USA TODAY logo animation.

Developing a Concept

What does a brand that represents the vast diversity of the United States sound like?We conceived an audio identity made of a mosaic of sound sources. Eclectic instruments swarm together, representing USA Today’s diverse fabric of perspectives, experiences, and voices. Each instrument resonates at its own pace, depicting different points of view, participating in active conversation.

The Audio Logo

As the primary expression of the USA Today audio identity, the Audio Logo is a poignant and concise auditory signature.As an analog to the visual identity, a sound designed “Point” represents the blue circle in the USA Today logo.Recordings of an American Flag waving creates a unique texture functioning as an homage to the core brand values.
USA Today Audio Logo
USA Today Fingerprint

Built for Scalability

To facilitate USA Today’s digital transformation, we designed the audio identity to be easily reformed and integrated into any future touchpoint.Our strategy was to build a decentralized identity made of a modular system of audio components.
American Flag
Pulse Point
U-S-A Motif
Piano Swarms

A Branded Music Library

Starting with an audible brand manifesto, we developed a series of long-form musical executions that holistically represent the USA Today brand identity to be used by content teams across the organization.
Brand Manifesto
Inspirational & Inclusive Theme
Neutral Theme
Serious Theme
USA TODAY on a smart TV.

Podcasts, Voice & Augmented Reality

We collaborated with USA Today’s innovation teams to optimize the audio identity for leading digital touchpoints.
"5 Things" Podcast Intro
Alexa Flash Briefing
Amazon products featuring USA TODAY branded audio content.

Award Winning Audio Branding

Audio UX® placed Platinum for the MarCom Awards Best Use of Audio Branding and Silver for Transform Awards North America for the USA TODAY holistic audio identity.Audio UX® placed Platinum for the MARCOM Awards and Silver for Transform Awards.
USA TODAY branded map.
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