Case Study


Branded Music, UX Sound Design
For active lifestyle apparel startup Ethona, Audio UX® developed an audio branding strategy that would seamlessly support small-team marketing efforts.

The Story

To reinforce the brand ethos and provide for instant recognition, we created a unique Audio Aesthetic that would support all forms of Ethona branded content.Ethona's brand values.

Sound for the Dynamic Woman

Inspire. Connect. Give. These are Ethona's core brand values. To reflect these attributes, we developed a suite of music compositions and strategized their integration across platforms that matter most to Ethona's audience.

Extractable Branding Units

Extractable Branding Units (EBUs) define Ethona's unique Audio Aesthetic. These smaller, more versatile elements are built to permeate through all Ethona audio assets.
Ethona Lead
Ethona Motif
Vocal Echoes
Glass Percussion
Ethona: Active Inspiration logo.

Cross-Platform Consistency

We made sure that every moment across the Ethona brand experience is undeniably Ethona. The EVA App is where sellers and buyers connect, so we leveraged branded earcons to take the user experience to the next level.
Push Notification
Incoming Message
Outgoing Message
Eva, Ethona's mobile application, on a smart phone.

More Than a Brand

We released Ethona's Audio Aesthetic on all music streaming platforms and directed royalties to the brand's non-profit organization of choice. By streaming a brand track, users fight with Ethona against human trafficking by donating to 

Ethona Anywhere

Our team helped Ethona create a Spotify playlist for their events and live experiences. The 100 songs therein align truly with the Ethona brand ethos.

Driving Engagement

We partnered with for a remix contest, empowering Ethona's audience and the music community to create a new branded composition for Ethona's Audio Aesthetic.Audio UX® hosted a remix competition with the Ethona audio components.

Remix Results

Ethona model walking into a reflective shoreline.
Sonify Your Story