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Goodman Audio Branding 

Goodman Audio Branding

Audio Logo, Branded Music
Audio UX® worked with Yonder Creative to design a fully managed, award-winning audio branding system for Goodman.

The Story

We collaborated with Yonder Creative to develop a unique and proprietary expression of Goodman's audio brand identity. It consists of audio attributes, an audio logo, and a brand theme track with an extensive cutdown library. Goodman’s audio identity is designed to reinforce its brand, communicate purpose and strategy, enrich motion, and strengthen communications with customers, investors, and people.Case Study Goodman Logo

Award Winning Audio Branding

Goodman Group with Audio UX and Yonder Creative took home the Gold medal for Best use of Audio Branding for the Transform Awards ANZ 2023.Transform Awards ANZ Sydney Australia Yonder Creative Goodman Group Gold Winner Best Audio Branding with Audio UX
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The Concept

Shaping Space

The concept expresses a depth of field and calls to mind the logistics spaces that Goodman own, develop, and manage. The foundational element of this concept is—quite literally—shaping space. Reverb is an effect that takes place when sound is played in space. We created custom instruments by sending source audio through the longest real-world reverb (clocking in at 112 seconds). The sustained sources were fed into a modular synthesizer and shaped to create dynamic rhythms and energetic patterns. Listen to the audio branding in action in the new brand video, Taking Action.

Audio Logo

The audio logo is as iconic as the visual logo: there are four notes to represent the four sides of a square. The melody is a call and response anchored by a central note representing Goodman as the foundation of communication and transformation for its customers.

Brand Theme

The brand theme is a full-length track that embodies the Goodman brand and serves as the foundation of the managed music library. The piece expresses the energy and innovation that empowers Goodman brand content. Acoustic drums and glass textures make up the lively percussion that instills a sense of sustainability and humanity. The main melody is a woven call and response between a synthesized human voice and electronic bells.
Full Mix — 60s Cutdown

Branded Music Library

We composed a custom music library for Goodman consisting of variations on their brand theme. The system is built directly into their brand center and contains 70+ audio assets.
Chill Piano
Medium Drums
Chill Energy
Goodman Audio Branding

Audio Transitions

Audio transitions support the music library and are designed to enter or exit title cards, highlight key moments, or loop in the background of content.
Quick In
Quick Out
Branded Sting
Ambient Loop
Goodman Audio Branding Components

Audio Branding Components

The Audio Branding Components are the building blocks of the Goodman audio identity. We modulated the volume of nearly infinite reverb tails with various sized envelopes to give movement and rhythm.
Future Focused
Calming Energy
Goodman Grid System.
Goodman around the globe.
Sonify Your Story