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Sleep Jar Audio Branding 

Sleep Jar Audio Branding

Voice Experience, UX Sound Design, Branded Music
Audio branding and content creation for the most-rated Alexa Skill developer: Sleep Jar™ by Invoked Apps.

The Story

Sleep Jar™ by Invoked Apps is the leading purveyor of ambient audio on voice-first platforms. As the market becomes more popular, the need for users to know when they’re interacting with the highest-quality experience is paramount. That’s why we collaborated with founder Nick Schwab on a signature branded suite of earcons and sleepscapes to exude quality, protect brand safety and reinforce the brand identity across a full suite of apps - all without waking the baby.Sleep Jar Footer

Instant Recognition

The culmination of the audio components is the branded Skill Launch and Exit Skill earcons for Sleep Jar.
Skill Launch
Exit Skill
The family of Echo products.

Audio UX delivered incredible earcons with the perfect balance of tone, uniqueness, and length which now helps millions of Amazon Alexa customers identify genuine Sleep Jar voice experiences.

Nick Schwab - Founder, Sleep Jar


Sleep Jar™ Beach Image for Audio UX Sonic Branding
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