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Invoked Apps Audio Branding 

Invoked Apps Audio Branding

Voice Experience, UX Sound Design
Audio branding for the most-rated Alexa Skill developer.

The Opportunity

Invoked Apps is the leading purveyor of ambient audio on voice-first platforms. As the market becomes more popular, the need for users to know when they’re interacting with the highest-quality experience is paramount. That’s why we collaborated with Invoked Apps and Nick Schwab on a signature branded skill launch: to exude quality, protect brand safety and reinforce the Invoked identity across a full suite of apps - all without waking the baby.The various Invoked Apps logos circle around the Audio UX logo like an atomic particle.

Instant Recognition

The culmination of the audio components is the branded Skill Open earcon for Invoked Apps.
Branded Skill Open
The family of Echo products.

Audio Components

When you break the earcon down into audio components, you can hear homages to meditation instruments blended with handcrafted sound design.
Deep Sine
Rain Stick
Warm Pad

Audio User Flow

Whether you are trying to relax, mask noise, or fall asleep, the branded earcon helps transition users into a restful state. No matter which type of ambience you care to listen to, you'll know it's Invoked Apps when you hear it.

Audio UX delivered an incredible Earcon with the perfect balance of tone, uniqueness, and length which now helps millions of Amazon Alexa customers identify genuine Invoked Apps voice experiences.

Nick Schwab - Founder, Invoked Apps


A starry night sky shows over the treeline.
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