Case Study
Sonifying SpinCar's UX 

Sonifying SpinCar's UX

Automotive, UX Sound Design, Branded Music
Audio UX® worked side-by-side with vehicle merchandising and marketing platform, SpinCar to develop unique audio feedback for their mobile UX.

The Story

With just a smartphone or tablet, auto dealers can create high quality product mockups with SpinCar. Audio UX designed a suite of earcons to improve ease-of-use and enhance the user experience of the mobile app. SpinCar app featuring a BMW.

Built for Enterprise

Inspired by SpinCar's market position and visual identity, the interactions are designed with a sense of weight and confidence that emote productivity and intelligence.
App Launch
3D Honda Civic.

Uniquely SpinCar

The SpinCar design language consists of auto foley recordings paired with warm analog synth textures. Listen to the App Launch broken down into its audio components.

Future Proof

We worked with SpinCar to extend their audio aesthetic beyond mobile UX and into advertising. As SpinCar develops new experiences for user engagement, their audio aesthetic is ready to be the driver of that engagement.

I loved working with the Audio UX team, their creativity and vision was matched by a rare focus on process and ease of implementation.The end product Audio UX delivered instantly gave SpinCar a fit and feel, head and shoulders above others in our space.

Michael Quigley — President, SpinCar
The profile of a car shining its headlight in the dark.
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