Case Study
Nauto Audio Branding 

Nauto Audio Branding

Automotive, UX Sound Design, Voice Experience
Nauto commissioned Audio UX® to develop an audio design language that would manifest as an architecture of earcons and voice phrases for their AI-enabled in-vehicle safety camera.

The Story

AUX and Nauto devised a strategy that would yield a unique audio identity for the Nauto brand, while designing for driver safety and awareness. This meant balancing storytelling with safety standards to create a sonic identity that could—literally and figuratively—cut through the noise.Fleets have standard operating noises and ambient sound to consider. The earcons have to be optimized for particular frequencies, patterns, and loudness to be heard clearly and understood amidst the cacophony of various vehicle types.Nauto fleet.
Nauto Navigation Map
The Concept

Road Resonance

ROAD RESONANCE is comprised of materials you'd find out on the open road: rubber (tires), metal (chassis), glass (windshield), and more. Harder surfaces such as glassworks make up the Critical Alerts family, whereas slightly softer materials like rubber are used for High-Risk Alerts. Beginning with the most severe warnings, softer elements and voices come into play for the more pleasant and branded auditory feedback.

Audio Branding Components

The Road Resonance audio branding components are all comprised of roadside materials—glass, rubber, metal, and plastic. Each instrument is created with the same substance.
Rubber Mallet
Metallic Taps
Plastic Plucks
Singing Glass
Nauto confirmed incident screen

UX Sounds + Voice

Nauto has a unique combination of UX sounds concatenated with voice prompts to cover a much wider range of use cases to clearly indicate events to drivers. The earcon combinations are optimized for safety in terms of reaction time, loudness, and clarity.
Pedestrian Awareness
Check Seatbelt
Slow Down
Intersection Alert
Nauto Dash Cam
Nauto brand video
Sonify Your Story