Case Study
Nickelodeon Noggin 

Nickelodeon Noggin

Audio Logo, UX Sound Design, Branded Music
Audio branding for the world’s most popular kids app.

The Story

Kids learn by doing what they know best: playing games. When Nickelodeon refreshed the popular early learning sub-brand, Noggin, the team saw an opportunity to establish a new audio user experience. One that would be enjoyed by kids and parents alike. Nickelodeon Noggin on a desktop, tablet, and mobile device.

Conceptual Composition

Inspired by seminal childhood games (think: pat-a-cake, double dutch), we wove the hands-on, play-to-learn mentality of children throughout the fresh soundscape. Real-life sounds like bubbling beakers and chirping birds ignite endless exploration.
Rising Harmony
Signature Melody
Playful Percussion
Moving Toys

Audio Logo

The Audio Components come together to create the final audio logo, heard during the loader animation sequence of the mobile app experience.

Marquee Moments

Noggin UX Sounds have a blend of playfulness suited for the imagination of a child and the navigational functions intended for adult setup.
Onboard Complete
Alpha Button Load
Launch Content
UX Sound Suite
Alpha Button Tap
Alpha Button Refresh
Select IP
Pick Favorites
New Noggin visual branding.
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