Case Study
Toys"R"Us Audio Branding 

Toys"R"Us Audio Branding

Branded Music
Audio branding for a new generation of Parennials.

The Story

What could have been.Together with Lippincott, we imagined a new Toys"R"Us brand. Targeting "Parennials", we used sound to capture nostalgia and reinvent the aesthetic for a modern audience.Toys"R"Us Today We Play.

Toy Factory

The whirring and pitter-pattering of toys being manufactured is actually created with mouth clicks and pops and mallet percussion.


Driven by pocket-sized servo motor sounds, this animation evolves into roars of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.


For parents of younger children out there, we created a Mobile soundscape that is more "rock" than "Rock-A-Bye Baby" for Babies"R"Us.

"TRU" To Life

The audio branding blends true-to-life found sound with larger-than-life sound design. Here, dreams meet reality.
Audio Anthem
Lippincott's re-envisioning of the Toys"R"Us mobile app.

Awards & Press

  • Graphis Design Annual, 2020: Silver; Branding
  • Transform Awards North America, 2019: Gold Medal, Best visual identity from the retail sector
  • Transform Awards North America, 2019: Bronze Medal, Best brand evolution
  • GDUSA Design Awards, 2019: Branding and Identity
  • GOOD Design Award, 2019
Lippincott's rebranded look at Babies"R"Us.
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