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Protective Audio Branding 

Protective Audio Branding

Audio Logo
Audio UX® collaborated with Lippincott to create a powerful and emotive audio identity for Protective Life Corporation (Protective).

The Story

Protective is a leading life insurance and protection company in the U.S. As a part of a refresh with Lippincott, we joined forces to create an audio identity that reflected their new powerful and emotional branding.The insurance market is saturated with sonic branding. With a storied legacy of jingles, singing slogans is now the norm. To differentiate Protective from antiquated audio branding while tapping into the power of musical mnemonic devices, we crafted an audio logo that doesn't need to be sung: a wordless jingle.Audio UX Protective Audio Logo Animation

Audio Logo System

The Protective audio branding is systematized for different contexts and touchpoints. Whether echoing the core of their new brand purpose, "...we're all Protectors," or announcing the brand, "We are Protective," the five-note motif is a future-proofed foundation of the audio identity.Likewise, the audio mark (also known as the audio logo "fingerprint") features the last three notes always to emphasize the brand name Protective as well as the persona: Protectors.
Audio Logo
Audio Mark

Audio Branding Components

The trademarked sound of Protective is layered with power and emotion. Each element takes a hybrid approach to modernity and tradition, blending acoustic instrumentation with signal processing for a sound that's uniquely Protective.
Synth Mallets
Acoustic Plucks
Modern Percussion
Human Voice
Protective Life iconography.
Audio UX Protective Life banner image.
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