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RAIN Audio Branding 

RAIN Audio Branding

Voice Experience, Branded Music, Audio Logo
Audio UX® and RAIN collaborated on a unique Audio Identity for RAIN and their Voice on Voice Flash Briefing.

The Story

RAIN is a pioneer in Voice & Conversational AI. Listeners tune in daily via Alexa or Google Assistant to RAIN’s audio newsletter, Voice on Voice, to hear the latest developments in this massively expanding industry.As long term collaborators, Audio UX and RAIN have a storied history of developing deeply-intermingled audio branding and voice strategies for brands and experiences. Only, this time, we turned inward and combined forces to develop a unique audio design language for RAIN and their ubiquitous Voice on Voice experience.RAIN is a Pioneer in voice & Conversational AI.

Voice on Voice

RAIN's Flash Briefing deserves an Audio Identity as unique and dynamic as the agency itself. Through immersion, research, and concepting, we created an authentic Audio Branding story designed around voice, for voice, that's utterly, uniquely RAIN.
Voice On Voice Theme
Stats Don't Lie Interstitial
RAIN's Voice on Voice Podcast animation.

Audio Logo

Immediately when the audio logo plays, users know they are tuning in to Voice on Voice. With thousands of Flash Briefings to choose from, the unmistakable sound of RAIN reassures listeners and reinforces the brand positioning.
RAIN Audio Logo
RAIN's iconic color audio visualizer.

Audio Branding Components

We created an Audio Design System to directly reflect RAIN's systematic approach. Just as RAIN’s "Drop" logo expresses disparate elements synthesized into one; the audio components are continuously reconfigured and recontextualized in the audio branding.
Dramatic Water Drops
Blue Noise
Lightcore Particles
Synth Bloom
RAIN Audio Branding Components RAIN Drops.
RAIN Audio Branding Homepage image.
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