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what3words Audio Branding 

what3words Audio Branding

Audio Logo, UX Sound Design
Audio branding for a new type of addressing system.

The Story

Audio UX® and what3words collaborated on a branded audio identity designed to deliver an authentic, intuitive, and consistent experience anywhere what3words is found. Through intensive research and deep creative exploration, we developed a unique audio language that thrives on flexibility and recognition.Smartphone with what3words.

Universal Human Language

The foundation of the what3words audio aesthetic is the concept of Universal Human Language. It tells the story of human-centered navigation, connection, and direction. Each interaction is an organic call and response, connecting humans with their environment and their community. Behind the technology is the aspiration to connect people from any culture and build stronger communities from that ambition.

Audio Components

The what3words audio logo is simple, concise and human. Three organic claps, in line with the motif of “3” prevalent in the what3words visual brand, are the central audio components of the logo. The simplicity of the structure makes it easily recreatable and recognizable.
Human Claps
Hybrid Voices
Warm Sine Tones
Audio Logo


what3words voice search UX sounds are warm and textured, brief and intuitive. Custom sound design elements include vocoded vocals and warm sine tones, punctuated with muted, organic claps and hand swipes.
what3words mobile application in action.

Audio User Flow

As you progress through the task flow of navigating the what3words app via voice, the sounds culminate in a musical progression we call a Harmonic Audio User Flow. Listen carefully as the uplifting chord sequence moves you through the experience, resolving in success.
A hand holding a smartphone with the what3words mobile app.
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