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21 Mar 2019
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21 Mar 2019 • Featured Quote
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Conquering Sonic Branding

In a segment titled, "Big brands including Mastercard, Visa, and Pandora are trying to conquer sonic branding, the latest frontier in digital advertising," Business Insider covers the trending topic of sonic branding. While this trend is certainly not new, there has been a renewed interest in audio and sound branding that has been catalyzed by voice-first devices.The rise of voice-activated devices drastically changed the user interface landscape in the digital marketing arena. Now, more than ever, how a brand sounds is critical to establishing its identity and effectiveness in the marketplace. In the past, having a simple jingle or sound logo was sufficient in increasing a brand’s memorability or delivering a message. However, now people are using voice commands and interacting with platforms like SIRI, Alexa, smart car displays, and more on a daily basis. A modern brand needs to make sure its message is being delivered effectively on all these highly different and distinct platforms. This is where a good sonic branding strategy comes in. By and large, digital advertising has shifted its model to have more of a dialogue between brand and consumer, rather than the brand “talking at” the consumer. A smart sonic branding strategy allows the brand to establish highly customized audio user interfaces and a unique sonic identity to engage the consumer. Business Insider says brands must rise to the occasion to stand out in this rapidly developing sector of the digital marketing world. Read more in their article

While consistency is key, sonic logos must be optimized for different touchpoints. Your flagship sonic logo should sound different on a flash briefing on Amazon Alexa versus your connected car.

Pandora advertisement in Times Square.
"Big brands like Mastercard are trying to conquer sonic branding" on Business Insider.

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