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The Future of Sonic Branding 

The Future of Sonic Branding

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15 Mar 2024
Sonic Branding
15 Mar 2024 • Sonic Branding
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"Sonic toolkits go well beyond a logo."

Evolving the Brand Toolkit

We had the opportunity to chat with Brendán Murphy, Global Creative Director at Lippincott, about the evolution of branding and how including audio is now more important than ever. In his article, he explores the many ways in which visual branding has expanded to more channels which now include sound and motion.In the same way that visual branding has become more comprehensive than a singular logo or icon, audio branding is now being recognized as being more than just a singular sonic logo.

Brands investing in sonic branding achieve 76% higher brand power and 138% higher perceptions of advertising strength.

Brendán Murphy—Global Creative Director, Lippincott

Beyond Sonic Logos

Audio UX® and Lippincott have collaborated on a number of projects, including and . Each brand has a unique story to tell with sound, and our process always begins by discovering what that story is, and where to tell it. For some brands, they may have a legacy audio logo and bring us on to extend that into a branded music library for a new world of touchpoints. For others, we have the opportunity to start from the ground up and developing a holistic suite of sonic assets. In any case, we're uncovering where the brand is heard, and where sound can make the biggest impact.

Brands instead should lean into a sound that authentically reflects the same attributes that their visual identity is built upon.

Eric Seay—Co-Founder & CXO, Audio UX®

The Future of Audio Branding™

Our conversation centers around authentic brand storytelling through sound. Whether that means endeavoring into voice interfaces, product sounds, experiential soundscapes, or even Audio AI, building a flexible foundation is paramount. Holistic audio branding includes one or more interconnected assets spanning a range of brand touchpoints:
  • Branded music variations for global impact
  • UX Sounds for products and experiences
  • Branded voice for conversational technology
  • Immersive soundscapes for experiential activations
  • Audio logos for marketing and more

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